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Low temperaturesPrevents clogging of the fuel filter by biofuel fungi and paraffin crystals. Professional product for the best operation of diesel engines in cold conditions down to -39 ° C.Fuel cleaning systemKeeps the injectors clean and lubricates the fuel pump, preventing the formation of organi..
Wirelles car fm transimitter fits the car lighter. For all cars...
Car inverter with one USB port and an A/C output. Fits the lighter of the car, suitable for all cars. INPUT 15A MAX AC OUTPUT 150W/ 22OV USB OUTPUT 5V/2.1A..
Car shampoo with wax - car shampoo with wax - k2 express plus 1 liter.Highly concentrated product of high efficiency. Composition with rich foam. Safe for all colors, normal and metallic. It leaves no lines or traces of water. Its high content of Carnauba wax provides ideal shine and protection agai..
Windshield wiper cleaner with antifreeze action down to -22 ° C. Effectively cleans dirt from the windshield while protecting the washing system. Safe for tires, plastics, paint.Packing 1L..
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